Dommi’s First Year

This is the first photo we took of Dommi. Here she was only 8 weeks old. We stopped to give her water. You can see her face and ears have extensive mange.
Bathing with her cousin Chelsea

Earlier last year, on the 13th of February to be exact, myself and John decided to go on a camping trip with two of our friends. On our way back, we saw a tiny puppy running on the highway next to an informal settlement. My heart skipped a beat every time I saw a car speeding past the puppy, not even slowing down to avoid hitting it. We stopped the car, and got out in an attempt to rescue the pup.

We luckily had some leftovers from the previous nights supper- I used the meat to get her to come closer to me so that I could pick her up and get her to safety.

When we got her into the car, we were able to see what kind of state she was in. I have never seen such a skinny and run down puppy. She was in an extremely poor condition. She had mange on her face and ears, hundreds of ticks all over her body and she was severely underweight.

We instantly fell in love with our new puppy. Because of her having to live on the streets and eat scraps from rubbish bins for survival, she was very sick when we found her. She spent a few days in hospital and had to undergo surgery to remove an abscess. It took her about 2 months to get to a healthy condition.

Dommi in her nighty

Since then we have had the most amazing experience watching Dominique grow up and become the most loyal and loving dog. She is our baby and is now a part of our family. You can find Dommi on Instagram to follow her adventures – @rescue_baby

Visiting the sea with her cousins

Dommi is one of very few homeless dogs that was lucky enough to be found and given a loving home. There is a epidemic in South Africa where there has been a significant increase in the amount of homeless animals. I have listed a few links below to find out more about how you could help and make a difference to the lives of rescue animals across South Africa.


Make a difference:







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