Exploring Ticknock Forest

If you speak to any of the locals here in Ireland, they will always tell you that you have to get outdoors no matter what the weather. We found that we would look outside and it would be overcast and we would decide to do an indoor activity that day or wait for the sun to come out before we decided to go for a walk. So after speaking to a few people, we realized that we had it all wrong. To live a normal life and to get the most of your surroundings here in beautiful Ireland, means that you have to embrace the weather too.

To say that you will have all four seasons in one day is an understatement. The weather is constantly changing here, which is an aspect I have come to enjoy. You could have rain, wind, sun, heat and everything in between within a few hours.

While we were staying in Dundrum, a beautiful town just outside of Dublin, we decided to go for a hike up to Ticknock Forest.

Ticknock Forest is located in the Dublin Mountains. This beautiful National Park offers up to 10 km of mountain and forest walks with some spectacular views of Dublin City, Dublin Bay, Bray Head and the Wicklow Mountains.ย  The forest has an extensive network of forest trails with pleasant walks through the plantations of Sitka spruce, Japanese larch, Scots pine, Monterey pine and Lodgepole pine.

ย The entrance to the property at 270 meters above sea level leads to the summit of the Three Rock Mountain (444 meters above sea level). The three large rock formations (a result of weathering from the harsh weather conditions) together with the picturesque views over the Wicklow mountains and the coast create a very popular tourist destination. Nearby Two Rock Mountain can be seen at 536 meters above the sea level with the romantic ruins of the Fairy Castle.

ย The walking paths in this area are of moderate difficulty. Ticknock is a possible starting point for the Wicklow Way- which we are planning to do in the near future.

For more information on the park, visit: http://www.dublinmountains.ie/recreation_sites/ticknock/





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