Steam Train to Cullinan

image2 Friends of the Rail is a recreational club which was started some 25 years ago by a group of railway enthusiasts. Friends of the Rail restores, preserves and operates steam heritage trains in what can be described as a ‘living museum’.

The steam trains are kept in pristine condition.
Seeing the intricate operations and the way the train functions was spectacular

If you are looking for something different to do, I would definitely recommend going on the Friends of the Rail steam train to small diamond mining town of Cullinan. I had never been on a steam train before and this day trip is truly something special.

The trip:



The train departs from Hermanstad around 8:30 A.M. The trip is quite long, taking about 3 hours to get to Cullinan.

Such a great trip to take kids on- they were all so excited about the day.

The train winds through Pretoria, passing through several suburbs and  settlements. The views and sights along the way are incredible.

Some locals from the settlements that the train passes through.

The town of Cullinan is still a thriving community. The main road is lined on both sides by shops, antique filled houses and restaurants. All of these businesses are located in what used to be residential houses built in Cullinan more than a century ago, which adds to their charm.

Creative details along the streets add to the charm of the small town
Great day spent with great people
My co-photographer <3

We visited a great Traditional Greek restaurant during our stop- As Greek As It Gets. I would highly recommend visiting here. The owner’s passion is quite evident and he would be able to recommend any delicious menu item specifically aimed to your taste and appetite. The prices are quite high- but well worth the money. This is one of the best restaurants and a unique dining experience on its own. The vegetarian options are vast.

Train ride home after a long day

After a long day and an extremely filling meal, we were all exhausted and looking forward to getting home. I would highly recommend this day trip as a must do when visiting Pretoria.

Beautiful sunset as the day came to an end.





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