Survival in the Magaliesburg

Hartbeespoort Dam – we passed the Dam on our way to Mountain Sanctuary.

Have you ever had a day where it felt like the universe was out to get you and everything that could possibly go wrong, does go wrong? Well, this was how I felt last weekend when myself and 3 of my best friends decided to go on a girls camping trip.

We set off around midday on the Saturday- the road trip was great, we had good music and delicious snacks.


When we arrived at Mountain Sanctuary, we unpacked the car and immediately set up the tent. We wanted to go on a late afternoon hike, so we decided to unpack all the bedding and make our bed before the hike as we thought we would only return after sunset so it would be best to have everything set up before dark.

We set off on our hike at around 4 P.M. The hike was amazing, the skies were blue and it was a beautiful summers day. As we continued walking toward the gorge the sky slowly started getting more and more cloudy. This is when everything began going pear shaped. We planned on finding a nice spot to watch the sunset and have a sun-downer. As the clouds rolled in, we soon realized that it would not be possible to watch the sunset. Not thinking about the weather, we decided to finish our drinks and enjoy our surroundings.

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It was like something out of a movie, the way the sky suddenly became darker and darker, eventually turning black. As we made our way back to camp we noticed lightning getting closer towards us. We were terrified- walking in an open field on a mountain with us now being the highest point. We started running back to camp, then the rain suddenly hit us. The drops became bigger as we ran towards safety.

The sky turned black within a few minutes. I have never experienced anything like this.

As we were running we found a small bathroom that was under construction. We decided that we would not be able to reach our car so we opted to wait the storm out in the half built bathroom. I had never experienced a storm like that before. The hail was about the size of golf balls and the lightning was a constant flow of light. We all stood under the shelter for about 45 minutes, waiting for the storm to calm down so that we could run back to our campsite.

Eventually we were able to run back to our car as the hail had stopped. As we reached the campsite, we were mortified to find that our tent and all of our bedding was flooded. We did not know what to do next. The staff had already all gone home by the time we had reached the car so we were not able to get a chalet for the night. Our only option at this point was to make a fire, put on some music and sleep in the car.

Thinking back, this was most likely one of the most fun camping trips I have ever been on.  It was so amusing to think back on everything that had gone wrong that night.

The next morning we were able to hike up to the Side Pools and spend the last part of our trip in the sun, enjoying the beautiful views.

Side pools at Mountain Sanctuary


The Mountain Sanctuary Park is a great location for a getaway. They have various accommodation options and the views are breathtaking. I am looking forward to returning and hopefully we will have better luck with the weather next time.







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